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Frankincense Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials, we call Frankincense the “Mystical Potion” as it is one of the most powerful oils to achieve a state of stillness and meditation. The oil has the ability to inspire mystical and divine mind states and has been used in Church Candles for ages.

Frankincense Essential Oil has an earthy, balsamic, revitalizing, mystical and uplifting aroma. This oil literally smells divine and has been used through the ages as an offering to God. Traditionally used to drive away bad spirits, Frankincense is considered to be a valuable aid in meditation and prayer.
  • • Slowing and deepening the breath
    • Driving away fear, stress and anxiety
    • Breaking links to the past, Inspiration to live in the now & appreciate the beauty of the present moment.
    Uplifting mood, balancing and regulating effect in people who suffer from extreme emotions and perpetual restlessness
    • Channelizing excessive energy & heightening concentration
    • Awakening insight, introspection, lowers anxiety, anger and stress
    • Countering colds, bronchitis, asthma and sore throats
    • Soothing cough and phlegm deposited in the respiratory tracts
    • Inducing mental peace, relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality.
  • • Promoting regeneration of healthy cells
    • Keeping the existing cells and tissues healthy
    • Countering obstructed and delayed menstruation
    • Assisting menopausal issues
    • Eliminating of gas and prevents it from building up in the body
    • Faster fading of scars, after marks of boils, acne and pox marks
    • Frankincense essential oil is a wonderful treatment for healing and fading scars, including stretch marks. This healing oil helps prevent tissue damage while helping to repair skin stretched to its limit. Consistent use of this oil will not only fade stretch marks but will prevent new ones from forming.

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