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Acne & Dandruff Essential Oil Set - Lavender Essential Oil (10 ml) & Tea Tree Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils are widely used for countering and relieving acne and dandruff across the world. 

Both Essential Oils have fantastic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and skin-soothing properties that help reduce adverse reactions on our skin and scalp. 

How to use for Acne - 

Use directly as a spot treatment on acne. Can also use by applying Essential oil in earbud and applying on acne. 

Once the acne starts to heal, blend in essential oils in 5% dilution in Golden Jojoba oil and apply. As the skin will need hydration to completely clear up. 

Can also be used in daily skin moisturizing, In 50 ml of Golden Jojoba oil blend in 20 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil, 20 drops of Lavender Essential oil and use every day for clear & clean skin. 

When applying face oil, make sure skin is clean and just dab face oil onto the skin. 

How to use for Dandruff - 

Blend in 20 drops of each Essential Oil in 50 ml of base oil such as Apricot oil and apply on scalp.

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