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Fulfill your Beard Goals with this Really Simple DIY Beard Oil Recipe!

Fulfill your Beard Goals with this Really Simple DIY Beard Oil Recipe!

June 13, 2019

The key to keeping a beard healthy is to adopt a daily ritual of care. Having a beard can start a multitude of problems if not attended to carefully. A lot of men suffer from itchy, patchy, dandruff, growth worries and hygiene while wanting to fulfill their conscious manly man role. 

There is a one stop solution to all your beard worries! Did you know that Essential Oils are antifungal, antibacterial, help increase hair growth, shine, moisturize, smell delicious, help with stress relief and are great skin toners?

Check out this really simple beard oil recipe and try it out today! It will help your beard become soft, nourished, clean and conditioned. 

DIY Recipe

In a 50 ml glass pump bottle add

- 30 ml of Golden Jojoba Oil (a very light hydrating oil, soothes inflamed skin, strengthens hair follicles, improves texture of hair and naturally contains vitamin E)

- 20 ml of Apricot Oil (a nourishing oil, it easily penetrates skin and soothes dry and irritated skin)

- 15 Drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil (Smells AMAZING!, anti fungal, astringent, reduces hair loss, stimulates hair follicles, soothes dry skin, natural deodorizer)

- 10 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil (reduces anxiety, heals skin, powerful antioxidant, relieves acne, relieves dandruff, anti fungal, anti bacterial)

- 10 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil (anti microbial, relieves dry skin & itchy skin, relieves infections, relieves dandruff)


And Voila! your beard oil is ready to be used! 

How to use

  • Take about 5 - 7 drops of the beard oil on your hands.
  • Spread it evenly on your palms and fingers and along the sides, down the front and at the bottom. 
  • Use your fingers to coat your mustache 
  • Use a comb to make sure the beard oil gets distributed equally and sets your beard in place.
  • Do this every day to look dapper!


The thumb rule to keep in mind for all Essential Oil usage is the dilution should be kept at 5%. Essential Oils are very strong and potent and should be used sparingly. Please maintain caution on usage.

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