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How to keep your immune strong through the lockdown

How to keep your immune strong through the lockdown

While the situation outside our homes is not in our control, what we do with this time is up to us. Apart from the essentials of washing our hands, sanitizing surfaces and not stepping out, its important to keep our immunity strong and keeping our mental health in check.

These are crazy times, seriously its ok to accept it. We are all at some point overwhelmed by the current situation and the uncertainty that follows with it involving every aspect of our lives. In place of ignoring these areas, there are ways that you can calm the storm that is going on inside you. 

We are just putting together some of the best content to help you get started!

Listed below are a few ways to help your soothe your mind, reduce cortisol production and boost your mental health. 

1. Be Kind & Gentle with yourself and others

This situation is tough for everyone and everyone is doing their best. Be loving and ask for hugs when you need them! You don't need to be Mr or Miss Strong right now. 

2. Take Naps

Just about 15 - 20 mins is good enough, even if you don't sleep, just lay down and shut your eyes. It helps regulate the entire nervous system. 

3. Minimize media consumption

Your mind and body are going to react to what you feed them, watching the news or reading a twitter feed on covid-19 for an hour isn't going to be the best idea for you. Even while you watch stuff on Netflix try and stick to happy and uplifting content. 

4. Meditation/ Breathwork

Dedicate atleast 30 mins each in the morning and night to meditation or breathwork. It will help you be the best version of yourself through the day. You can diffuse some Essential Oils if you have any to help you relax further. 

New to meditation and breathwork? Message us here and we will send you videos to help you get started!

5. Movement!

Any activity, whether you enjoy yoga, dancing or a home work out video that inspires you. Make sure to move your body for atleast 30 mins a day.

Look for Inspiration? Message us here and we will send you some options!

6. Nutrition

Make sure that the food that you are eating is energising you enough. Take the time to think about what you would like to eat, clean, cook your food with love and enjoy your meal with gratitude for the food on your table.

7. Adaptogens

Add herbs like Ashwangandha or holy basil in your diet to ensure the hormone levels in your body remain balanced. 

Do you know that your mental health impacts your immune system? When we are stressed, anxious or upset our body produces a lot more of cortisol, adrenaline .. this in turn messes up the usual balance of  hormones and lowers our immunity. 

Therefore your happiness through these times is of utmost importance and we are with you on this journey to help keep you calm and relaxed!


Understand your immune system better through this masterclass by the one and only Luke Coutinho

This time of being "stuck" at home can be used to become your best possible version. An end to all the excuses you made, to connect back with is a fun video to help you start off on this journey!

Strengthening your Immune system with Essential Oils

Make Aromatherapy your first line of defence, Essential Oils have inherent properties such as being antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, relieve colds & congestions etc due to which they help keep us safe from infections. These oils also support stimulating the immune system and clearing indoor air of pollutants. Apart from the obvious, they also help reduce stress & anxiety, therefore, making our healing process faster.

Some of the powerful essential oils that can be used for improving immunity are: RosemaryLemonTea TreeEucalyptus and Thyme Essential Oil.

ROSEMARY: Rosemary Essential Oil is excellent for warming sinuses and relieving headaches. It can be very useful in treating fungal and bacterial infections. It can also be used to soothe body pain, clear brain fog & help focus. 

LEMON: Diffuse  5 - 6 drops of lemon Essential Oil in your room everyday! This will help to boost the body’s immune system and stimulate the production of white blood cells – thereby increasing your ability to fight off illness.

TEA TREE: Tea tree essential oil is an immune system stimulant, known for its potency and anti-fungal properties. The antibacterial properties of Tea Tree will help clear your sinuses and fight off germs.

EUCALYPTUS: This oil is extremely helpful in relieving problems such as cold, congestion and cough. When applied to the chest, it has amazing effects in decongestion (although please be careful to dilute in a base oil when applying on the skin). Also, if used in steam inhalation, this oil can assist in clearing chest congestions easily.

THYME: This oil is one of the strongest anti-bacterial essential oils and acts as an antispasmodic when to help reduce coughing along with fight infection. (Thyme Essential Oil is very strong please maintain caution when applying on skin, dilution ratio should be reduced to 1% also in steam inhalation only 1 minute is more than sufficient) 


  • Add a few drops into your diffuser and humidifier in an indoor environment.
  • Add a drop into a bowl of warm water, cover your head with a towel and inhale in the steam.
  • Blend 30 drops of Essential oil in 50 ml of base oil to make a massage blend for yourself, apply this at the bottom of your feet every night.



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