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Cardamom Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

 We at Meraki Essentials call Cardamom Essential Oil the “Fortifying Potion” as it is a rich & luscious fragrance that helps strengthen the mind & its many properties help keep the body strong.

Essential Oil of Cardamom is obtained from steam distillation of the seeds of the ElettariaCardamomumplant. Cardamom Essential oil has a strong, balsamic, rich & luscious fragrance and is used to comfort the mind, dispel toxins from the body and has many other benefits.

    • Stimulating the mind, Bringing in joy, Clarity,
      inducing a sense of harmony, Repelling Insects, Reduce tension,
      Relieve anxiety, Better breathing, Relieving nausea,
      Relieving headaches, Focusing, Relieving nervous exhaustion,
      Clarity, Motivation, Inducing courage & confidence,
      Increases frequency of urination (diuretic), Promoting Sweating
    • Releasing Toxins, Acting as an aphrodisiac, Relieving headaches,
      Relief from spasms, Relieving indigestion, Relieving flatulence, Preventing microbial infections, Promoting sweating, Boosts metabolism,
      Improves blood circulation

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