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Eucalyptus Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials we call Eucalyptus the “Decongestant Potion” due to its piercing, stimulating and clearing properties. 
The oil of Eucalyptus has a strong, penetrating, herbaceous and earthy aroma. Eucalyptus Globulus is one of the most familiar essential oils, due to the numerous health benefits of eucalyptus oil it has attracted the attention of the entire world to explore its usage in aromatherapy as well as conventional & modern medicine.
  • • Stimulating mental activity
    • Relieving fatigue, drowsiness
    • Improving concentration & memory - especially useful for people whose work requires them to be very alert, such as auditors, accountants etc
    • Relieving headaches and neuralgia
    • Meditation when you have a cold, to keep the mind clear
    • Strengthening subtle energies, to those who feel constricted in life.
    • Psychic cleansing
    • Clearing negative energy
  • • Treating insect bites, stings
    • Repelling insects
    • Skin irritation & inflammation
  • • Used as a decongestant in steam inhalations to relieve cold, flu and other respiratory ailments
    • Said to have antimicrobial & antiseptic properties, effective at treating wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions, sores & scrapes
    • Adding a few drops to a bath or local wash, may help in relieving the pain of shingles and effective against cold sores and herpes

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