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Sweet Almond Oil (50 ml)

Meraki Essentials

The Sweet Almond oil comes exclusively from edible almonds (Prunus amygdalus vardulcis) selectively cultivated for their sweet taste. It is the oil popularly used for skin  and hair care.
Almond oil is an age-old ingredient for health and beauty. Its use has been recorded  much before science figured out the goodness of this seed oil. Almond oil is popularly  used in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean. Owing to the generous amounts of mono unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc, and a number of other vitamins and minerals that the seed and the oil  contain, almond oil works wonders for the skin, hair, and health.
Being non comedogenic, it’s non greasy lubricant, medium-light with quick absorption rate so works well on the face and even on sensitive skin. Also used as Carrier Oil for using  Essential Oils.
It also acts as an emollient and is good for dry, flaky, irritated skin and for preventing skin spots:
  • • Cleanse the skin.
    • Enrich complexion and preserve glow.
    • Moisturize naturally deep into skin.
    • Ease skin irritation and skin inflammation.
    • Prevent dry, flaky and irritated skin. When applied on oily skin in little quantity, it balances the complexion.
    • Nurture skin, making it supple, smoother and softer.
    • Treat chapped lips and body rashes.
    • Delay the signs of skin aging.
    • Dark Circles & Tan
    • Shiny Hair
    • Healthy Nails
    • As Carrier Oil for using Essential Oils
  • • Only few drops of almond oil are enough to cover your entire face.
    • Before using any oil, always test its sensitivity to your skin. Just apply a little bit on your wrist or lower arm and watch for reaction over 24 hours.
    • Be sure that you are purchasing high-quality pure sweet almond oil

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