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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials, we call Ylang Ylang the “Love Potion” as it is known for its flowery and invigorating fragrance which is said to release inhibition and helps bring in passion.
The Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang has a very soothing, euphoric and exotic aroma, believed to balance male & female energies and help in building a state of harmony.

Believed to be beneficial in high blood pressure and normalizing sebum secretion for skin problems, Ylang Ylang helps women in finding their inner femininity, confidence and sensuality.
Known for its calming, uplifting and peaceful effects, Ylang Ylang helps release negative emotions – anger, possessiveness, low self-esteem and nourishes the positive emotions – confidence, spiritual awareness.
  • • Uplifting effect on mood, inducing feelings of joy & hope
    • Managing anxiety, sadness & chronic stress
    • Managing acute depression after a shock or an accident
    • Coming out of the nervous breakdown
    • Counteracting anger when meditating
    • Self-expression of repressed inner feelings
    • Relieving insomnia & chronic fatigue
  • • Reducing skin irritation & inflammation
    • Hair thickening
    • Increasing blood circulation
    • Inducing the body’s response to stress and calming heartbeat
    • Promoting healthy intestinal function

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