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Key Properties Frankincense Essential Oil

Key Properties

  • Supports Healthy Immunity - Frankincense essential oil is an immunostimulant by nature and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
  • Helps calm stress and enhances cognition – Frankincense essential oil has been researched to be a tonic for the mind and has been used in traditional medicine for eons. It’s an excellent essential oil to help deepen your meditation practice.
  • Soothes tired and sore muscles – Due to its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties Frankincense Essential Oil is an ideal addition to any of your pain massage blends.
  • Excellent addition to any skincare routine – Frankincense essential oil has wonderful skin healing properties that can reduce appearance of scars, add a warm glow and bring out your healthiest skin.
Supports deep and clear breathing – Frankincense Essential Oil has been found to help people suffering from respiratory conditions. Add a few drops to your inhaler might help out in the winter months.