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Our first few steps towards this venture started out a number of years ago when we as a family used to make numerous road trips and disappear into the mountains. All of us in the family look towards nature for cures and are fans of mystics and healers of the early ages. When the desire to start this venture was born we were all nothing short of ecstatic. Today along with a backbone of more than two decade's experience in the industry and our zeal and love for nature, Meraki Essentials has come into being. The most beautiful part is that the benefits of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils that have been documented through centuries are now experiences in our daily lives and we cannot wait to share them with the world. We, at Meraki Essentials, are in complete awe of the quality of products that are available to us in our Mother Land and we aspire to transform these age old beautiful traditions into products relevant in today's age.


Meraki means to do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving behind a piece of you into what you are doing.

​Meraki Essentials wish to inject age old tried and tested natural solutions back into the community. We are committed to generating awareness on the many ways our products can provide benefits to the community at large. Every single product is packed with utmost personal attention, love and care for you specially. Our sole endeavour to be on a constant quest to provide a larger spread of pure and natural solutions to the awakened consumer. We believe nature has so many answers and are intrigued by the thought of being able to build such a platform with content and products to lay the path to a better world. We look forward to assisting you with your needs , feel free to reach out to us should you have any ideas and to collaborate.



At Meraki Essentials, we are driven towards making more sustainable options available to consumers and urge the community to wake up to the consequences of our carbon footprint, the use of plastic and general ignorance towards pressing issues like climate change and increasing pollution. We welcome innovative ideas to work on our packaging and product model from free and conscious thinkers.We genuinely care for Mother Earth, all life forms on the planet and treat them with love and respect. Meraki Essentials stands for Fair Trade and keeps true to the principles of fair wages, honest treatment of customers and concern for the environment which are our pillars of integrity.
We live in a new world today, we are all moving towards a more sustainable model of community and collaboration. Team Meraki Essentials is collaborating with like minded people across the world to build our tribe !


Mission Statement

To promote wellness through alternative sustainable solutions, our passionate commitment is to provide pure & natural essential oils to discerning customers and to spread awareness about their benefits for Mind, Body & Soul.

 ~~ Team Meraki ~~