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Palmrosa Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials we call Palmrosa the “Hydrating Potion” as it helps your body retain the moisture in the tissues and maintains the moisture balance throughout your body.
Palmrosa is best known for its sebum balancing, hydrating properties & its lovely fragrance due to which it is extensively used in the skin care industry.

Diffusion  may help in: Adding 2-3 drops to your diffuser, air freshener, burner, vaporizer, linen, or to pillows may grant a feeling of contentment, sense of security, adaptability to existing situation, rekindles the aura, clarifies thoughts and augments trust in the sacred stream of life.

Reducing stress, anxiety, & restlessness
Calming, uplifting   & comforting
Clearing muddled thinking
Countering  physical & nervous exhaustion
Opening the heart chakra
Connecting with mother earth energy which in turn provides sense of security & feelings of unconditional love
Releasing emotions of resentment, shutdown  & powerlessness
    ​Massage with Carrier Oil may help in:

    Regenerating  healthy new cells, good for all skin types
    Stimulating digestion, dealing with loss of appetite
    Relieving sore, stiff muscles
    Balancing  production of sebum
    Helping keep the skin supple
    Rejuvenating and regenerating skin
    Fighting minor skin infections
    Preventing scarring


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