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Spearmint Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials, we call Spearmint the “Refreshing Potion” as it is a rich antioxidant it helps support the respiratory and nervous systems. It may also help open and release emotional blocks leading to a sense of balance and well-being.
The Essential Oil of Spearmint Essential Oil has a fruity, minty, sweet, calming, uplifting, balancing and comforting aroma.
Energies of spearmint open and release emotional blocks at an etheric level which helps in bringing balance. Spearmint brings about self-trust, which helps us in moving forward. Spearmint is used at healing rituals, purification ceremonies, aura cleansing, crystal cleansing and it protects against negative energies, helps in establishing safe boundaries and in feeling protected when releasing old beliefs. It also has cooling & relaxing effects on the nerves and muscles.
  • • Relaxing and cooling the brain
    • Concentration, mental clarity and focus
    • Countering mental & physical fatigue
    • Countering stress and depression
    Reducing headaches, migraines, vertigo and dizziness
    • Clearing nose congestion, sinus, respiratory infections
  • • Reducing body pain, muscle spasm
    • Assisting in blood circulation
    • Stimulating nerves & brain function
    • Relaxing abdominal muscles & intestines
    • Providing relief in abdominal gasses
    • Countering menstrual spasm & other menstrual issues
    • Countering Infections & fever
    • Itching, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, insect bites
    Keeps away mosquitoes, white ants, ants, flies, & moths
  • Countering fatigue, fever, muscle pain.
  • Keeps away mosquitoes, white ants, ants, flies, & moths.

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