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10 Simple and Effective Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair

10 Simple and Effective Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair

Every popular skincare brand has at least one Tea Tree product if not more; all of this is owed to the essential oil’s amazing properties. It’s used a myriad of products ranging from skin creams, nail products, massage oils, face washes, shampoo and even some pharmaceutical ointments. Pure Tea Tree Oil is definitely among-st the must have Essential Oils at home along with the likes of Peppermint, Lavender,Eucalyptus etc.

The medicinal benefits of natural tea tree oil were discovered back in the 19th century in Australia, and got popular in the modern era again during World War II, when an outbreak of foot-fungus became so bad that they had to hospitalize hundreds of Australian soldiers. None of the "modern" ointments, lotions and medicines would work to stop this fungus. One day, a medic who was an aborigine from Australia, remembered about tea tree essential oil. The doctors coated the effected soldiers feet with the pungent smelling oil, and the fungus was killed within a few days! Starting here we knew tea tree oil for infection was worth a try.

Here are a few benefits listed for how you can use this oil in your everyday life. Starting off with 5 Simple and Effective ways to use Tea Tree Oil for skin

  • Relieves and reduces acne

    Due to its powerful antibacterial properties Tea Tree oil helps reduce swelling, inflammation and irritation. A drop of Tea Tree essential oil can be applied directly to acne (or can also be blended with witch hazel and then applied) twice a day. Doing this regularly can dry out pimples, blemishes and disinfect pores, tea tree oil for face is a keeper. For body acne you can blend tea tree oil into a carrier oil that is suitable to your skin type and applied on the affected area.


  • Soothes Psoriasis
    This skin condition can cause a lot of discomfort, itching, pain and inflammation. Tea Tree oil is known to ease this discomfort and proves to be a helpful companion to most people who suffer from psoriasis as there is no cure for the condition. For this condition, blend a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil in 2 spoonful of coconut oil and apply on affected area.

  • Relieves Foot Fungus/Athletes’ foot
    If you are someone who is very active and plays a lot of sport you have at some point struggled with this issue resulting from sweaty shoes and socks. For this issue there are many ways to use the oil, one way is blending tea tree oil in 50% dilution in a base oil and applying on the infected nail, second is to dip your feet in warm water and add few drops of tea tree to the water. In a few days’ time you will definitely see the change!

  • Balances skin sebum and soothes oily and itchy skin

    If you are someone for whom oily skin or itchy skin troubles are all you think about, definitely add this oil into your skincare routine due to tea tree oil benefits for face. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties its helps combat both these issues. To incorporate it, you could add a drop or two of the essential oil into your toner, moisturizes or face pack and apply to feel relief.

    • Soothes eczema & dry skin
      This condition can be very uncomfortable and cause severe rashes, dryness, itching and painful blisters. Tea Tree Oil contains antiseptic properties which are known to soothe itching around rashes and blisters. To treat dry itching skin, you can mix twenty drops of Tea Tree Oil with half a cup of coconut oil, by gently mixing this mixture over affected areas of the skin twice a day you will find some relief.

      Apart from these other tea tree oil benefits for skin include relief from insect bites, small rashes, stings, ringworms etc.

      Now that you know different ways to use tea tree oil for skin, here are five amazing Tea Tree oil benefits for hair.

    • Soothes dandruff
      Tea Tree oil is known to fight the type of fungus that causes dandruff on the scalp and on the skin if you have a beard. To use blend a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil in coconut oil and apply on scalp and beard.


      • Stimulates scalp
        Tea tree oil is known to stimulate the scalp, increase blood circulation and clears hair follicles of deposits, thus helping hair grow long & strong. To use for hair growth, blend a few drops of Tea tree Essential Oil in a base oil of your choice and apply overnight.

      • Cools the Scalp, Fresh Hair
        Summer & monsoon months can be a mess for scalp and hair, blending a drop or two of Tea Tree Essential Oil to your shampoo can be a very refreshing experience and leave you with a lasting cooling & freshness through the day!


      • Balances scalp oil production
        Tea Tree Essential Oil is a great choice for everyone! Whether you have an oily or a dry scalp the essential oil works on balancing oil production and therefore helps maintain a well moisturized and calm scalp. To address this issue use few drops of the essential oil blended in a base oil to oil your hair & scalp overnight.

      • Keeps lice away
        Tea tree oil essential oil has insecticidal properties that helps keep hair lice away. Tea Tree is known to kill lice due its composition which includes 1,8-cineole and terpinen-4-ol. Best way to fight this issue is to blend few drops of tea tree essential oil in a base oil of your choice and leave on your scalp overnight!

        Apart from these 10 different way to use the oil, tea tree essential oil has many many other properties, but we are sure you are already convinced enough to buy it right away. We urge you to make sure that you buy a 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential oil and to research enough on the brand before applying it. Its also advisable to patch test the essential oil before application.

      When blending Essential Oils please keep in mind the dilution ratio, 3 to 5% dilution in a base or carrier oil, refer to the attached dilution chart in the link below to understand the number of drops.
      For Facial Skin – 0.7 to 2%
      Body Massage – 1.5 to 3%
      Pain Relief – 5 – 7%

      Few things you should know

      • Fragrance oils aren’t Essential Oils (read labels carefully)
      • Essential Oils are high concentrated, use them sparingly and carefully
      • When Pregnant skip Essential oil usage, especially in the first trimester
      • Always do a patch test, if you are allergic to the plant – you will be allergic to the EO
      • Make sure you are using high quality 100% Pure Essential Oils
      • Keep Essential Oils away from direct heat and sunlight and they can last over years!
      • It’s perfectly fine to be confused when using EO’s the first time, reach out to people to clear your doubts

      The thumb rule to keep in mind for all Essential Oil usage is the dilution should be kept at 3%. Essential Oils are very strong and potent and should be used sparingly. Please maintain caution on usage.

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