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The Magic of Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

In these times of great distress it can be extremely challenging to calm the mind and keep it from stressing. Don't be hard on yourself for having all sorts of thoughts, it is a really tough and heartbreaking time. We all need to be kinder and gentler with ourselves and everyone around us. Make sure to take sometime through the day to soothe your mind with some meditation, deep breathing or yoga. 

Here are a few ways you can use Lavender Essential Oil to relieve stress.

1. Diffuse a few drops of Pure Lavender Essential Oil in your diffuser or humidifier. If you or anyone at home is seeming stressed or overwhelmed.

2. Make your own stress relief roll on blend - In a 10 ml roll on bottle, add 9 ml of Jojoba oil and add 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Apply this on your temples, the nape of your neck and under your nose whenever you feel overwhelmed.

* this blend can also be used in case of a headache or migraine.

3. Make your own massage/hair oil - In a 50 ml bottle of Jojoba oil, add 40 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Apply liberally of scalp and body, feel free to ask a loved one for help. 

* this will also help with reducing and relieving dandruff, dry scalp, dry skin etc.

4. Add a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow when heading to bed, to slowly drift into deep sleep. 

5. Draw yourself a bath or make a foot soak. Fill your bathtub or a basin with warm water, add some Epsom salt, sea salt, 1 spoon of jojoba oil and 2 - 3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. 

Pure Essential oil

Make your DIY Essential oil blend in these beautiful and sturdy 10 ml roll on bottles. 
Golden Jojoba Oil
The best choice when looking for a base/carrier oil as it suits all skin types and is not sticky.

When blending Essential Oils please keep in mind the dilution ratio, 3 to 5% dilution in a base or carrier oil, refer to the attached dilution chart in the link below to understand the number of drops.

Dilution Guidelines for Essential Oils. Click Here

For Facial Skin – 0.7 to 2%
Body Massage – 1.5 to 3%
Pain Relief – 5 – 7%

Few things you should know

  • Fragrance oils aren’t Essential Oils (read labels carefully)
  • Essential Oils are high concentrated, use them sparingly and carefully
  • When Pregnant skip Essential oil usage, especially in the first trimester
  • Always do a patch test, if you are allergic to the plant – you will be allergic to the EO
  • Make sure you are using high quality 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Keep Essential Oils away from direct heat and sunlight and they can last over years!
  • It’s perfectly fine to be confused when using EO’s the first time, reach out to people to clear your doubts

The thumb rule to keep in mind for all Essential Oil usage is the dilution should be kept at 3%. Essential Oils are very strong and potent and should be used sparingly. Please maintain caution on usage.

You can also find us at farmers markets in different cities, at The Earth Collective by Meenu Nageshwaran in New Delhi, at Luke Coutinho's Farmers Markets in Bangalore and Mumbai.

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Should you need any further assistance on usage and finding the right essential oil for yourself feel free to reach out to us on or reach out to us on +91 95990 80825.


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