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Why is Jojoba Oil the Best Carrier Oil of All?

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Jojoba Oil is the most commonly used carrier oil across the world due to its amazing texture and properties.

The seeds of the Jojoba plant (Simmondsia Chinensis), found in the harsh deserts of North America, Israel, and other countries, possess immense healing properties. The seeds are cold-pressed to obtain a liquid wax, commonly known as “oil”. 

Jojoba oil encompasses vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties in abundance. One of the unique aspects of this oil is that its molecular structure is similar to sebum, an element that is naturally produced by our skin for moisturization. Natural Jojoba oil is known to be a skin’s best friend as it is smooth, luxurious, and balances the complexion. It is a chemical wonder, offering one of the longest shelf lives through its stable structure.

Out of all the marvels of Jojoba oil, its ability to act as the best carrier oil is unparalleled. Its gentleness, stability, and negligent aroma help it blend seamlessly with other essential oils. Moreover, it helps absorb other skincare you use effectively. Mixed with essential oils, it is used for dry skin tonics, foot baths, throat infection remedies, and several massage oils.

Jojoba Oil for Face 

Benefits of Jojoba oil

Jojoba oils Immensely help in healing the skin, hair, and body. Here are some of its major benefits that you may want to know.

Jojoba Oil For Skin and Face

  • Hydrates Dry Skin

Jojoba oil helps soothe dry skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties calm the skin and keep it moisturized. It also helps soothe diseases like eczema and psoriasis that cause intense dryness. You can use it directly on the skin after cleansing or pair it with a moisturizer.

  • Relieves Acne Issues

Balancing the production of sebum in acne-prone skin, Jojoba oil helps treat acne. Its antimicrobial properties keep acne-causing bacteria away. It is a perfect solution to get rid of acne without clogging pores.  You can also use Jojoba oil as a carrier by applying a few drops after cleansing.

  • Heals Scars

Jojoba oil’s wound-healing properties and inclusion of Vitamin-E, together, fight to minimize the appearance of scars on the skin. Plus, it reduces the redness and irritation of the skin.

  • Anti-Ageing Properties

The Vitamin-E and antioxidant composition of Jojoba oil reduce and avoid signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, etc. It promotes collagen synthesis, which is essential to keep the skin young.

  • Soothes Irritation

Our skin’s exposure to climate change and extreme pollution tends to get irritated and itchy. Jojoba oil calms irritated skin and helps repair it. 

Jojoba Oil for Hair 

Jojoba Oil For Hair

  • Protects Hair from Dandruff and Damage

The Palmitic acid and Stearic acid present in Jojoba oil help condition the hair, fight dandruff, and reduce heat damage. The antioxidants defend your hair against free radicals and keep the scalp balanced. Massage Jojoba oil on the scalp before shampooing and keep it on for 20 minutes for stronger hair, hydrated scalp, and decrease in dandruff,

  • Increases Hair Thickness And Growth

Minerals and vitamins like vitamins B, C, Zinc, and Copper offer nourishment to your hair, promoting thickness and growth of hair. It keeps the follicles moisturized, which helps reduce hair fall. Additionally, it helps delay greying of hair due to copper deficiency.

Though Jojoba oil is not singularly used for body ailments, it is blended with multiple essential oils to relieve muscle pains, body aches, foot aches, etc. The anti-inflammatory properties of the Jojoba oil come into use here, reducing the swelling and irritation of the affected area. Ultimately, the healing properties are a positive add-on for the remedies it is utilized in.

Pure Jojoba Oil

Key Takeaways

Jojoba oil is a multifaceted element of the cosmetic industry. It is one of the most sought-after carrier oils, serving ample purposes, the topmost being skin, hair, and body healing. Originally, it was discovered by a Native American tribe that used the antioxidant-rich paste of the Jojoba seeds and nuts for skin and hair. Before applying the oil, ensure to always do a patch test, ascertaining that it is compatible with your skin. 

Along with the above mentioned benefits of Jojoba oil, it also helps heal cold sores and is used as a natural makeup remover. You can use this surreal carrier oil as an ingredient in DIY masks, as an essential oil to tone skin or add it to lip balms to avoid chapped lips. A lot of research is still ongoing to test out novel uses and benefits of Jojoba oil.

Golden Jojoba Oil

Just as using Jojoba oil effectively is essential, choosing the right source is equally significant. The purest form of Jojoba oil is of a straw-like colour, ranging from yellow to gold. Moreover, it should get absorbed instantly to ensure its pureness. You can rely on Meraki Essentials to get not only the purest Jojoba oil but all kinds of essential oils. Check out our website today!


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