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Nutmeg Essential Oil 10 ml

Meraki Essentials

Nutmeg essential oil is essentially considered as the “energizing potion” at Meraki Essentials as it is very helpful in overcoming exhaustion, treating anxiety & helps enhance concentration.

Nostradamus used Nutmeg to enter deep trances for prophetic visions
Invigorates and stimulates the mind, It is known to produce intense colorful dreams.

Nutmeg essential oil is obtained from steam distillation of the dried kernel of the ripe seeds of the Myristica officinalis plant.  It has a sharp, spicy, warm, musky & stimulating aroma and is used to assist in various issues such as pain relief, cramps, indigestion & cold.

 Nutmeg oil is rich in compounds with a range of health benefits, making it a smart addition to any essential oil collection. Nutmeg Essential Oil has recently gained popularity as well known nutritionist Luke Coutinho based out of Mumbai realized its benefits and spread work about using nutmeg oil for pain.


 Nutmeg oil benefits us in a lot of different ways such as

  • • Improving cognition
    • Removing mental exhaustion
    • Relieving anxiety
    • Lucid & Vivid dreams
    • Enhances concentration, Relieves congestion
    • Energising
    • Releasing Doubt & resistance
    • Encouragement
    • Relieving Insomnia
  • • Reducing pain
    • Relieving Menstrual Cramps
    • Relieving indigestion
    Improving blood circulation
    • Soothes Respiratory problems
    • Balances Blood Pressure

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