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Geranium Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials, we call Geranium an “Alchemist’s Dream” as it induces physical, mental and emotional well being making it almost too good to be true. 
The Oil of Geranium has a lovely floral aroma that encourages balance, uplifting feelings and peace.  Geranium Essential Oil is used extensively in the perfume and skin care industry due to its lovely fragrance and its positive effects on the skin.
Known for its many many properties, the more you read up about Geranium, the more you will fall in love with this wonderful essential oil.

It resonates with Mother Earth and encompasses feminine energy and regeneration, may help in creating harmony and good humour between the sexes,  ironing out irrationality and discontent.
Considered an adrenal cortex stimulant, it's known to help regulate hormones and moods alike.

  • • Uplifting mood, Inducing feelings of joy & hope
    • Inducing a sense of security and comfort to the inner child
    • Lessening fatigue, relieving chronic stress
    • Comforting nervous debility, anxiety & sadness
    • Getting over painful memories
    • Dispelling apprehension and negativity
    • Strengthening the flow of energy or ‘Chi
  • • Countering cellulite, wrinkles, pigmentation
    • Help Enhancing skin
    • Regeneration of cells
    • Detoxifying the lymphatic system
    • Comforting Burns, Frostbite, Fungal infections, Athlete's foot, Eczema
    • Muscle Toning
    Balances Hormones
    • This sweet floral essential oil is commonly used in beauty products due to its healing properties, especially stretch mark creams. Geranium essential oil helps boost collagen production and helps keep skin elastic. This essential oil will help prevent and heal existing stretch marks.
  • • Improves blood circulation below the surface of the skin, promotes equal distribution of melanin and thus helps in scars & dark spots
    • Known to help in menstrual problems.
    • A very good deodorant for personal hygiene and diffusing

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