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Clary Sage Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials, we call Clary Sage the "The Lady Luna Potion" as it helps balance hormones, soothes menstrual discomfort is very relaxing and calming.  Extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) plant through Steam Distillation.

The oil of Clary Sage has a flowery tea-like, earthy, calming, clean and refreshing aroma said to induce clarity, euphoria and stillness. 

Clary Sage Essential Oils is known to promote contentment and self-love; it connects us to our innate wisdom while getting instilling harmony and a sense of purpose.

Diffusion may help in : *Stress Relief, *Relieving depression, *Calming, *Alleviating Menopausal symptoms, *Improving mental function, *Regulating menstruation, *Soothing Vertigo symptoms, *Balancing hormones, *Inducing mental clarity, *Inspiring creativity, *Connecting to the divine feminine

Application may help in : *Reducing inflammation, *Fighting bacterial infections, *Relieves spasms, *Reducing Menstrual Cramps, *Acting as an Aphrodisiac, *Relieving skin inflammation, *Balancing natural skin sebum, Relieving flatulence

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