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Nutmeg Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

We at Meraki Essentials call Nutmeg the “energising potion” as it is very helpful in overcoming exhaustion, treating anxiety & helps enhance concentration.

Essential Oil of Nutmeg is obtained from steam distillation of the dried kernel of the ripe seeds of the Myristicaofficinalisplant. Nutmeg  Essential oil has a sharp, spicy, warm, musky& stimulating aroma and is used to assist in various issues such as cramps, indigestion & cold.

  • Diffusion may help in : * improving cognition, * Removing mental exhaustion, * Relieving anxiety, *Lucid & Vivid dreams, *Enhances concentration, * Relieves congestion, *Energising, *Releasing Doubt & resistance, *Encouragement, * Relieving Insomnia 
  • Massage with carrier oil may help in : *Reducing pain, *Relieving Menstrual Cramps, *Relieving indigestion, *Improving blood circulation, Relieving Respiratory problems, *Balances Blood Pressure, *Balancing hormones 

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