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Top 10 Essential Oils To Relax Your Body And Mind

Top 10 Essential Oils To Relax Your Body And Mind

August 12, 2020

Have you ever experienced a strong feeling or a sudden throwback to a memory from a particular smell? It could be any smell that takes you back to your childhood, reminds you of someone, a particular place, or a moment. The olfactory nerve sends a signal to the brain after detecting a smell from the environment. Our brain is wired to feel certain memories and emotions from a familiar smell. The medicinal use of best essential oil has been an ancient practice that can be dated back to early Chinese and Egyptian societies. This practice is now known as aromatherapy and several studies over the years have stated the benefits it has on the mind and the body.
Aromatherapy promotes a feeling of calmness and relaxation in the body. By inhaling the Pure Essential Oils there are a number of different positive effects on our mental health.

These are 10 best essential oils that relax the mind and body-

1. Lavender Essential Oil-

Lavender essential oil

If you are on the lookout for essential oil for stress, get your hands on a bottle of lavender essential oil. It is one of the most popular oils for aromatherapy. It is known to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant properties. The fresh & floral aroma of this oil acts as a sedative and hence is the most favoured oil for aromatherapy to reduce stress. It improves sleep quality and soothes insomnia.
The number of people across the world has experienced reduced anxiety by using Lavender Essential oil.
Lavender has outstanding sedative and healing effects on the nervous system. Considering that so many illnesses are stress-related, Lavender holds a special place in both preventive health care and in the treatment of tension-related illnesses. The alcohols and esters offer soothing and antispasmodic effects that can ease tight muscles, digestive problems, spasmodic coughs, menstrual cramps, insomnia, and tension headaches. For stress and insomnia, it can be incorporated into blends and creams or inhaled. It blends very well with Bergamot and Clary Sage (with which it shares some key components), and with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Vetiver.

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2. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil-

Ylang ylang essential oil
The rich floral scent of Ylang Ylang is well known for its uplifting, euphoric effects which can counteract low mood. It is known to boost the performance of the nervous system, stabilizes heart functioning, and maintains a check on blood pressure levels.
When used for aromatherapy it benefits in relaxing the mind, reduces stress, anxiety, sadness, and soothing insomnia. Its aphrodisiac property boosts the libido and improves the sexual relationship between couples. It has a pleasant scent that works as an anti-depressant and that evades negative feelings including feelings of fatigue and shock. This oil promotes a feeling of happiness in the body keeps the mind positive.
We can think of ylang-ylang as a balancing oil - one that reduces the physiological indicators of arousal, such as blood pressure and heart rate, and inducing feelings of calm. Feeling calm can mean that we are physically relaxed and at ease and feel more alert with regard to our surroundings, but we might not feel very focused (for example- it's not the ideal oil to use just before a math test!).

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3. Clary Sage Essential Oil-

Clary Sage essential oil
Clary Sage essential oil has immense benefits for the mind and body. It has a distinctive, sweet, light and warm aroma, that fills your mind and lungs with presence and brings you back to the moment.
This essential oil is known for its uplifting, stress-relieving and sedative properties. It’s also a go-to choice for women when dealing with PMS symptoms as it helps relieve cramps and soothe the mind through the hormonal changes that the body is going through.

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4. Frankincense Essential Oil -

FRANKINCENSE essential oil
This Essential oil has quite a reputation and has numerous mentions in ancient texts from across the world. Most cultures across the globe have used Frankincense in spiritual and religious ceremonies.
Mentally it is known to support reflection and introspection, encourage emotional healing on all levels, quiet the mind, support focused attention and tranquillity.
If looking for Essential oil to deepen your meditation or yoga practice this is a must-have! Apart from these amazing mental and spiritual benefits, it's also very effective in soothing inflammation, pain, soothing skin and immune-stimulating properties.

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5. Cedarwood Essential Oil –

Cedarwood essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil’s aroma is mild, dry, light and fresh, with resinous, balsamic and earthy notes. You can use this essential oil for calming the mind at the end of a long day.
It is known to increase endurance during difficult times, support confidence in challenging situations
and its grounding properties that make it the perfect oil for aromatic purposes and also topically to calm the mind. The oil is known to promote a feeling of relaxation and helps sleep restfully.
Apart from these amazing properties for the mind, it is known to soothe respiratory conditions, hydrate dry skin, smoothen dry hair and help with health regeneration on new cells.

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6. Lemongrass Essential Oil –

Lemongrass essential oil
This Lemongrass Essential Oil has gained immense popularity for its therapeutic uses. Most hotels smell of this beautiful essential oil as it instantly uplifts mood and refreshes the mind. It is known to ease difficult emotional transitions and reduce fatigue. It’s a great essential oil to manage agitation and restlessness.
Apart from its obvious benefits on the mind it helps soothe inflammation, pain, digestion and fungal infections!

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7. Geranium Essential Oil-

Geranium essential oil

This sweet-smelling oil has multiple benefits like uplifting your mood, promoting hormonal balance and healing damaged skin. It is known to calm anxious feelings and protect us from irritability and disruptive energy. Using Geranium Essential oil often in the diffuser or in the application helps in staying open-hearted.
For women especially this Essential Oil helps foster a sense of security and stability. It helps connect deeper with the divine feminine and into authenticity.

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8. Peppermint Essential Oil-

Peppermint essential oil
Peppermint belongs to the mint family, and as most of us know it’s a very popular essential oil. Its used a number of everyday products that we use like your toothpaste, headache or pain relief balm etc.
Peppermint Essential Oil is known to clear energy, uplift the mind, reduce fatigue and awaken the mind & senses. It’s a stimulating Essential Oil and therefore a great choice to use when you have a lot to get done but are feeling a wee bit slow. It is known to help with new ideas and enhance creativity.
Apart from all these mental and emotional benefits, it is very helpful in soothing pain, inflammation, digestive issues, respiratory congestion and cooling the body.

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9. Vetiver Essential Oil-

Vetiver essential oil

If you are one that loves the smell of the earth then this one is for you! Vetiver is perhaps best known for its deeply calming, grounding aroma. Its smooth, strong, sweet, rich, woody and earthy aroma, with rooty, musty notes have a magical and relaxing effect on the mind. It helps one connect with the earth and with themselves but in a fun and gentle way.
It was used for thousands of years in India as a perfume, and this is still a favourite amongst many of our clients today—not to mention that it boosts your immune system as you wear it!

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10. Patchouli Essential Oil-

Patchouli essential oil
Patchouli Essential oil has a very a peculiar, unique and almost hypnotic aroma. It has a rich, intense, smooth, persistent, slightly sweet scent and despite its complexity, it is versatile in blends. People either love patchouli Essential oil or hate it.
It is known to help balance an overactive mind and reduce nervous strain. It helps bring you back to the moment when you are feeling spacey and lost by opening up the breath. It is also used a lot to help connect with one’s sensual side.

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We hope you this blog helped you make a decision with which Essential oil will work best for you. We can’t wait for you to try Essential Oils and witness feelings of calm and relaxation.
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