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Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ml)

Meraki Essentials

At Meraki Essentials we call Rosemary the “Rapunzel’s Potion” as it has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean region and now across the world to improve hair quality. The Essential Oil of Rosemary has a woody – herbaceous aroma and is known for its reviving, refreshing and strengthening properties.
Rosemary is considered to be:
    • a psychic protector
    • a symbol of friendship and love
    • a reminder of life and death
    • Associated with the third eye chakra, Rosemary may help in assisting clear thought and inner vision, connecting you to your inner intuition.  Historically, Rosemary was burned in wedding and funerals!
  • Diffusion may help in:
  • Keeping mind clear & alert
  • Stimulating central nervous system
  • Combating stressful situations
  • Improving memory
  • Preventing spread of airborne infections
Massage with Carrier Oil may help in:
  • Relaxing tight and over worked muscles
  • Rehydrating and toning the skin
  • Preventing dandruff
  • Promoting Hair growth
  • Relieving fluid retention
  • Detoxifying the lymphatic system 
Massage with Carrier Oil on stomach may help in:
  • Countering  Indigestion,
  • Relieving flatulence / bloating
  • Countering  Stomach cramps
  • Relieving constipation

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