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Top 5 Essential Oils to Soothe Joints and Promote Movement

Essential Oils for joint pain

For ages, essential oils have been used to treat conditions non-intrusively. While we may not often think of them as substitutes to general drug store medication, new age research has led an increasing number of people to believe in the potential of these vials of elixirs. Its influence spreads far and wide. Perhaps one of its best benefits for our body lies in soothing painful joints and allowing free movement. 

Joint pain can lead to both physical and emotional distress by restricting your movement and making it difficult for you to perform basic day to day chores. The incidence of joint pain is very high with the sort of lifestyle we are used to living. 

Joint pain can be released using several medical as well non-medical methods. While the use of medicines can cause long term side effects, essential oils are completely natural and do not lead to any adverse effects.

Essential Oil bottle

Natural essential oils are potent because it takes a large amount of plant material to extract the oil we find in our vials. For instance, more than 2000 kilograms of rose petals are required to make half a kilogram of rose oil. Applying them topically on the skin or using it in aromatherapy can help boost your mood, improve sleep, kill harmful bacteria, relieve headaches and nausea, and reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Because of their potency, it is important to use them safely, following the proper guidelines. It is important to consider the chemical composition and purity of the oil, its methods of use, duration, and dosage. As a thumb rule, you should always dilute your essential oils before using them. Mixing essential oils with carrier oils like castor oil or coconut oil can help with dilution and safe usage. Additionally, it is recommended that you do a patch test before applying the oil topically to determine any allergic reactions.

These essential oils are also named based on the plant that they are extracted from. Some of these plants which have reportedly helped in cases of joint pain and muscle movement are listed below:

Ginger Essential Oil for Pain Release

Apart from soothing digestive discomfort, supporting healthy respiration, and overall healthy immunity, ginger essential oil also helps in releasing joint pain and promoting movement.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It can help reduce prostaglandins, which are the compounds responsible for the sensation of pain.

Adding a small amount of ginger essential oil with any other massage oil will help in soothing joint pain, spasms, and swellings if any.

Nutmeg Essential Oil for Releasing Body Pain

Nutmeg essential oil relieves pain and inflammation and promotes restful sleep. Nutmeg oil consists of potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatic properties, which makes it ideal for reducing body pain.

Nutmeg Essential Oil

For a person suffering from joint and muscle pain, it is advised to rub nutmeg oil for joint pain by rubbing it on the areas experiencing slight or extreme pain.

Peppermint Essential Oil for a Cooling Sensation

Peppermint essential oil contains large amounts of menthol. This menthol calms the body, gives a cooling sensation, and helps relieve inflammation in the joints to soothe any swellings in the body.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Apart from helping with joint pain and inflammation, peppermint oil's health benefits include clearing respiratory congestion, alleviating headaches, providing digestive support, soothing nausea, relieving fatigue and mental confusion, soothing dry, itchy scalp and sunburn. 

Cypress Essential Oil to Release the Discomfort 

Cypress trees are evergreen trees consisting of several woody cones; these cones, in turn, consist of seeds that are used in the making of Cypress essential oil.

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil has antioxidant, antispasmodic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties, which help against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The antioxidant property helps in the prevention of degenerative conditions, while the antispasmodic property helps in alleviating spasmodic coughs. The astringent property helps in the cases of excessive loss of fluid, whereas the anti-inflammatory properties stimulate the release of pro-inflammatory mediators.

All of these properties combined make cypress essential oil a great addition to your collection of pain-relieving massage oils.

Along with providing comfort in cases of painful muscles and joints, this essential oil also promotes circulation and healthy respiration, comforts menstrual cramps, and relieves and reduces the swelling and heaviness related to varicose veins.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Joint Pain

This essential oil has a fresh, pine-like, sharply balsamic, woody, and resinous aroma, which supports clear breathing and clears up stuck or negative energy. Juniper essential oil fills the mind with a sense of optimism and liveliness.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

This essential oil is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, and joint and bone pains.

Juniper berry oil's health benefits include improved blood circulation and detoxification of the body. It also helps in reducing fluid retention and acne and supports healthy immunity.

Additionally, juniper berry essential oil is used in cases where one needs to let go of unreleased tension. This essential oil purifies, cleanses, and detoxifies the body, mind, and spirit.

natural essential oils serve different purposes, so it is important to do your research and understand the suitability of the product to treat your pain. Placing your trust in the right brand can be a tough decision, which is why Meraki aims to deliver the best quality products to its customers consistently. At Meraki Essentials, we believe in the power of nature-inspired products to elevate our state of being and alleviate our body’s suffering. Our collection of essential oils is processed to meet the best quality demands of our consumers. We take pride in our customers just as much as our products. Visit the Meraki website to check out our products and place your orders today!


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